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Wonderful PJ - spectacular color/contrast and the 4K is better than my old eyes can see. Quiet too.

FYI: DLP-Link 3D (What the UHD51A uses) and the HTC Vive do **NOT** play well together. They are both heavy IR transmitting technologies and don't share the local IR bandwidth very well. One must be off while using the other.

I replaced my Acer H6502BD unit that has DLP-Link 3D when the 3D part became unreliable. It turned out that it did so when I installed the HTC Vive light towers on the room ceiling. I had them always on as a kind of infrastructure for the VR headset and other moving bits. Having those on renders DLP-Link unusable unless you like standing less than half a screen width way from the screen. I really thought my Acer unit was failing so I bit the bullet and bought an Optoma UHD51A to replace it and presumably fix the problem. Imagine the confusion when I found my newly installed unit exhibiting the same symptoms. Actually, the whole thing worked out fine after a day of confused setup/troubleshooting. Now I ended up with a spectacular unit and still have a backup PJ. The rich color, extreme contrast, the 4K resolution, low noise, and shorter throw ratio makes it a keeper, even though I technically didn't really need to buy it. It's a classy unit. I'm sure I'll still be loving it for many years considering it seems to satisfy on all features I care about and if 8K ever comes out, I doubt I'll be quick to jump because my eyes have a hard enough time picking out sub-millimeter size 4K pixels from 13ft away. 8K would just be a waste... wouldn't be able to see the difference from 13ft away anyhow. I suppose an affordable laser-based, silent system with no moving parts or a roll-onto-the-wall 12ft wide display screen could get may attention, but not anytime soon I'm sure. :-) 🦊
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