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Keisari, without an HDMI 2.0 you cant play 4k@60/HDR. You can play 4k@60/SDR. If you want to play 4K@60/HDR that bad, they have a device called the HDMI Fury Linker that will scale accordingly. You lose a hair on color depth but for videogames you can't tell. Having to choose between superior input lag/no rainbows/4k@60/SDR or HDR with double the lag, I'll go with the former. For movies, 4k@24 is still the norm and the Epson can play it just fine. Judging by the HC4000, it would give you a better picture overall.

I really thought I wanted HDR until I saw demos, and meh, its just not that impressive. Cool on a tv, on a proj2ctor, nope, not really.
(08/17/19 - 08:28 PM PST)
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