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William, first up we'll be comparing it with the higher end 5040UB, which for now remains in Epson's line. But the 4010, which is offered at $200 less than the original $2,200 introductory price of the 4000, has a number of key improvements. Among these is the addition of an auto iris that helps boost contrast to 200,000:1, and 200 more rated lumens of brightness. It also offers Epson's latest improved pixel-shifting scheme and HDR tone-mapping. I think the iris alone, which has had a noticeable effect in the rendering of dark scenes and shadow detail so far in my auditions, would make this a better projector than the 4000 for the long haul. But we'll look into possibly comparing it with the 4000 if we can confirm that Epson is keeping it around rather than replacing it with the 4010.