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I already own an Epson Duet Portable Projection Screen. I bought it as soon as it came out. I thought the design was very clever.

It is very easy to use. I use it with the stand. Most of the time I'm too lazy to put it away in a closet, but then, I live alone. I had tried a 92-inch pull-up (from the floor case) screen, but I returned it, mainly because, if I rested the case on the floor, the screen blocked the sound from my loudspeakers (I have a pair of 6-foot high Magneplanars), and, if I placed the case upon a pair of stools, to let some sound through, it looked too cheesy. For a long time my solution was to stretch a cheap (low thread count) white sheet across my Magneplanars, but that had its drawbacks too (light pass-through, so I hung a black sheet behind the loudspeakers; dealing with clothespins; it was somewhat of a pain to put up, so it rarely got taken down). Wrinkles were actually not a problem, but I wished the screen was less optically transparent. Plus, I wanted to take the screen down for normal stereo listening. With the Epson Duet, there is enough clearance below the bottom of the screen to let a lot of sound through.

It's true about the top edge sagging a bit. Plus, I wish the tensioning were better -- there can be some slight rippling -- something I could stretch out of my old sheet arrangement. But the screen would no doubt cost a lot more if it had some kind of edge tensioning system. I keep mine collapsed into the case when not viewing a movie, if I have it up. And, I do miss the 92-inch screen size (I sit about 11 feet back). But the brightness is tremendous (was not needed). The colors are better from the Epson screen than they were from the sheet.

But the main reason I'm writing this note is to inform potential buyers that, contrary to what is reported in the review, it IS POSSIBLE to arrange it so the tripod can be placed with a leg sticking forward, not backward, so that it can be placed closer to a wall or whatever (in my case, as close as possible to my power amp, which sits between my loudspeakers). All that is required is to drill out a rivet holding the legs in their as-installed orientation. Once that is done, the legs can be rotated to any position. There is even an allen-head set screw clamp in the ring that holds the bottom of the legs, so they are perfectly secure. Why the manufacturer chose to fix the orientation of the legs is beyond me. Making this mod is a no-brainer.

I've attached a couple of 800x600 photos showing my arrangement. Hope this info is useful.