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My first projector I bought was in 2005 was the In Focus Screenplay 4805. The bulb finally burned out, it was time to upgrade. I first bought the Sanyo PLV-1080HD (Same specifications as PLV-Z700) at a local chain electronics store. Of course it was way better than my first projector. After reading the reviews of the Epson Home Theater 8100, I had to view it before my the 30 day return time was over. There was no comparison: Epson has Sanyo beat in black levels. It looks like a Huge LCD TV, even in a my lit room plus the color truly POP!

I enjoyed the sharpness of the Sanyo and was afraid it would not be as sharp but it is. The color took a while to adjust, but I followed the calibration from a projector review and it was perfect after I followed the suggestions. I probably would have been happy with the Sanyo if I hadn't seen the Epson 8100, but the Epson has brighter whites and WAY darker blacks.

I'm on a tight budget, so I need to be happy for a long time. I will be. Plus I got a heck of a deal on it as well! Don't forget it's a buyer's market!