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I have just received a Vivitec H1085 rated at 2000 lumens and 5000-1 contrast. I note that the menu position is movable and reasy to use. I do not yet have a screen and projected onto an off white wall {buttercup white}. Even with all the lights on the 120inch image was very watchable and when the lights were turned down the picture was extremely good. I did notice some colour flashes or"rainbows" while watchingthe DVD "Tristan and Isolde" but I was watching intently for "rainbows" and would honestly say that I saw very few and was not troubled by them.This may not be the same for everyone. My previous experience of projectors has been LCD projectors at work and this is my first home cinema projector. Please can anyone give me advice regarding a screen as my viewing room has a white ceiling and light coloured walls and a maple floor with light coloured furnishings. WHITE or HIGH CONTRAST GREY?