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Thank you Evan, I appreciate your opinion and reviews. I want to add my two cents on upgrading for better picture quality. I have owned several projectors over the years and have access to friends who have budget for Runco's and other high end PJ's I have seen some very expensive projection! Starting at about Panasonic AE-900 and JVC RS-1, the best cheap projectors had reached the near perfect image excepting for CRT. Before these projectors there were large improvements each year, and after, there were smaller improvements. If you own one of the best projectors of the last 4-5 years you will only gain about 20% picture improvement with a new model. 1080P was only an improvement on larger screens, and black levels have improved by only 4 to 5 shades -they are now nearly as good as can be. Lately the big improvements are useful extra features and better pre-calibration image quality. My suggestion is that you buy the cheapest and best projectors -the AE4000 or 8500UB, I prefer the AE4000. The JVC is way too big and expensive and while it looks better in very dark screens it is not as good in the brighter ones. You will upgrade sometime, and it is better to junk a 2K machine instead of an 8K-45K JVC or Runco as some of my friends have done.