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I have seen problem projectors but I won't name them here. I have three projectors and my favorite is an AE900 with 2,900 hours. I am on my third lamp and at 2,100 hours the Dynamic Iris went out but I self-replaced with a new one for the AX200. I went from low lamp/Theater 1(?) mode to Normal Mode (much brighter) and the image significantly improved overall -with black levels a bit better than the AE2000. I do not have any dead pixels or apparent degradation in the organic LCD panels, but I may just be lucky. All of this said I have another projector gathering dust after making 2 trips to manufacturer repair. I suggest you buy from a leading manufacturer and hope for the best. Lamps and parts are more available in the high production models and search Japan for your parts, I have never paid high prices for lamps and parts. I look forward to a sealed light path, when replacing a bulb I would wonder how you can have a great image with tons of toasted gunk on the first element (I use about 50 Q-Tips and Isopropyl Alcohol)and protective film in front of the bulb.