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I have never viewed a DLP projector until now. The rainbow effect has fully engaged me and i cannot use this projector. Especially for video games. First person shooters with white crosshairs became a blur of rainbows for me and left me with a sense of vertigo. Maybe Im just overly sensitive to the rainbow effect but my girlfriend also noticed it when reading words off the screen. Also, there was a pulsing effect coming from the screen when viewing at 24fps that was annoying. Not to mention the reddish hugh all along the upper righ half of the screen and the light leakege out of the front of the projector is visible on your ceiling and sidewalls.

This was going to replace my Sanyo Z60 and it did look much better and impressive when i originally set them up side by side, especially in brightness. However with all the set backs on this thing I would not give it a very good rating. I wish i would have went with the Optoma HD20 for the same money since it has the 4x color wheel which lessens the rainbow effect, the biggest set back i feel from the vivitek.