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I have recently purchased the Epson 8100 as an upgrade to my InFocus DLP projector. I have been very disappointed with it. The refresh speed is only 60hz. The images are very sharp when still but become blurry with the slightest movement. Watching football games and other sports is painfull. When the camera pans across an image field it is blurry. I have made all of the adjustments recommended by Epson technical support to no avail. My lower resolution Infocus projector blows this thing out of the water! I would NOT recommend this projector to anyone unless you like being disappointed. Now, 40 days after purchase, the store will not take it back and Epson said they couldn't do anything for me. Epson does not list the refresh speed on the box or in the user's manual. The only way I found out the speed was from an Epson technical support person. Don't make the same mistake I did.