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My Evening With Coppola.

A couple years ago when I was doing a lot of Internet dating, I met a woman for our first date in North Beach (that's the Italian restaurant district of San Francisco). I suggested that we sit outside at a nearby restaurant. It was a warm pleasant evening.

The restaurant was nearly empty inside but outside there was one man sitting alone at a curbside table. We sat next to him. The fact that it was Francis Ford Coppola wasn't really surprising when you consider that it was his restaurant.

I recognized him at once but didn't acknowledge him so as to afford him some privacy in this very public spot. After a bit the film students and buffs came up and paid their respects - that is to say they came to worship.

The great man sat their and drank in the love as apparently was his wont. I expected the fans to kiss his ring. It was a scene out of "The Godfather".