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I bought the Cinema 8100 new from best Buy on May 15th 2010 for $1500 (now you can get it for around $1250 from B and H in New York) and enjoyed watching Bluray

movies, running my video editing computer and killing mad fools playing Modern Warfare 2 all on my 120" screen. That is until the bulb blew on July 15th 2010. I got 2 months and about 800 hours out it. So I call Epson and they said I need to pay $299 for a new bulb. I didn't think to mention I had just bought the unit 2 months ago. She told me I could only buy over the phone or on their Epson's website. So I looked around and there are heaps of OEM replacement lamps on the web. I bought one for $208 and had them next day it too me. I only just learned that there is a 90 day bulb warranty. I guess I'll just keep the new lamp as a spare. HEY EPSON! CHANGE YOUR LAMP/BULB VENDOR! THEY [edited]