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Well, I just had my second bulb blow on me in less than a year (noted the first in an earlier post). The first had only ~500 hours and I am unsure about this one, but I guesstimate it to have ~700 hours or less. However, Epson is standing behind their product and has replaced both bulbs at no cost to me, despite they were out of warranty.

Am I just unlucky? Who knows. I am concerned that I may have a bad unit as I keep it in a well cool, ventilated place and clean the filter regularly. Just curious if anyone else has had two bulbs go and I also wanted to note that I've been happy with Epson's response to my issue. I'll be watching the next one closely before the 2 year warranty is up for certain!

Despite my issues, I am still mightily impressed by the image this projector produces.