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Doug - in all fairness, you are incorrect.

3D proejctors require a different screen, which is going to run $1,000 or more to purchase. In a year, that will equate to 10+ pairs of 3D glasses. The silverscreen tends to have poor performance with 2D projection.

It is also important to note that flat panel displays don't support full 1080p with passive glasses except in very expensive models, and they still don't support full 1080p.

At the end of the day - almost NOBODY is serious about 3D, but many people are interested. Interested doesn't equate to twice the price. It means $100... maybe $200 more. 120hz-240hz displays in LCD and plasma are both in that ballpark price right now. 240hz projectors basically don't exist, but 120hz models are well established. So, I would expect that in the next year or so we will see a lot of 120hz frame sequential projectors using active shutter glasses. More and more we will likely start to see 'universal' type active shutter glasses. Those will allow use with both your projection setup and your 3D flat panel display(s) in your home.