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1) 3D encoding uses what is called MVC (Multi-view codec) for 3D Blurays. It is fairly easy to convert the format for a dual projector setup (requires a lot of computer power). This format uses only around 1.5 times the space but I have noticed that some streams for trailers on existing 3D blurays have different bitrates for the two views (Left eye is the default, right eye is the 3d encoded side and sometimes has a lower bitrate)

2) HDMI 1.4 framepacking is done in hardware not software. It is not intended that people encode their videos/images in framepacked top-bottom style. HDMI 1.4 is suppose to be display agnostic but the firmware for the hardware decoders/encoders often does not recognize the format. It may be possible to have special software like the stereoscopic player (Also Nvidia's player) to output in various formats but it is not just as simple as having a resolution matched image.