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I wonder if many of the artifacts were due to the fact that many 3D movies were not designed as 3D from the beginning.

The only movie I've seen which was 3D from the outset was "How to Train Your Dragon" and it was superb. Natural with excellent perspective. Avatar and Alice were far less impressive and I'd rather not see them in 3D. (or Alice again under any conditions).

The CES demos I saw were extremely variable and it will certainly take a long time for the market to sort itself out enough to present a worthwhile offering of consistent software in a single format. It seems many hardware suppliers have bet on 3D becoming the next big thing NOW. And that isn't happening.

So the basic question is: does a movie designed from the outset in 3D present less of a challenge to the electronics than one which presumably had more processing and less consistent processing?

Cheers, John Meyer