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Well it's too late for any of these companies to get my money for at LEAST the next 5 years. I purchased an Epson 8350 for a little under a QUARTER the price of the CHEAPEST 3D projector! Let me repeat that... I could have purchased 4 Epson 8350's for the price of 1 Sharp XV-Z17000. That's just crazy and I don't see anyone willing to put forward many thousands of dollars for just 3D. I would have told you last year that 3D was a mandatory feature for my next projector but these guys just completely dropped the ball (and buried it a few feet under the ground at the same time). I suspect that the root problem is LCD has a crummy refresh rate and cannot handle 120 frames per second with no ghosting so they have to use more expensive technology (LCOS) but DLP should be able to also cope so what's up there? DLP could also have polarized segments on the color wheel couldn't it?