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Since some of the artifacts are due to difficult processing of the source movie content, those artifacts are due to the electronics that process the Bluray DVD into an HDMI signal and not likely the projector. This includes "jerky/choppy motion, dropped frames, and momentary rubbery distortion of subjects in rapid motion. Sometimes there is an oily sheen over the image, as if one is viewing it through cellophane". Thus, the test should include evaluation of the player used (e.g. PS3).

Although they are 1080P projectors (vice 1280P or 1080i), there are limitations. So far the blu ray standard will not permit display of a 3D test image composed of a 1080P checkerboard at per pixel spacing that reverses 24 times per second.

Interesting note related to performing evaluations, the brighter the image becomes, the more some artifacts become visible to the naked eye. (Try severely shrinking/expanding the screen size to see what I mean).

Regarding home theatre versus movie theatre 3D, I noticed Avatar on IMAX 3D was better than the other 3D movie theatres. Thus, if you are insisting on the very best, then install an IMAX theatre in your house.