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This is a great article I found my self reading it not because I needed a screen but because it was a comprehensive look at what constitutes a great screen as well as detailed steps of how to create one. I happen to have a Studiotek 130 screen, so I read the article as a matter of interest and not as a matter of need. When I purchased my screen I was playing around with an Electrohome CRT projector while I watched the DLP, LCD. LCOS technologies settle out. It was one of your articles that convinced me that projectors would come and go but I would likely have the screen for awhile. That advice has turned out to be right on the money, I've had a couple different projectors since the old CRT, but I still enjoy the same screen. My issue is, I don't have, nor would I have spent the fortune Stewart was looking for, for a masking system. Over the years you've mentioned masking systems but rarely discussed them at length, I really can't recall any product reviews. I'm not ready to get rid of my Studiotek, but I would dearly love a masking system for it, (without mortgaging my house). Are there any options out there? if not, have you ever considered putting together a DYI masking system project?

Thank You for your continuing insight,