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I used Valspar's "Cinema Screen" interior matte paint from Lowes on a 5' x 8' sheet of mdf board that I nailed to the wall of my basement and it looks great to me. It is a white color, not gray. I used 1.5 quarts because it required a second coat over the primer. Cinema Screen is the name of the color, so apparently someone at Valspar put some research into the color. The numbers on the print out are 101-0.5, 105-2.5, and 115-0.5. I have a 4 year old Optoma HD72 and I love the combination. To me, having a perfectly flat surface so you do not see ripples in a screen during panning shots is greatly preferable to whatever advantages my pull down Da-Lite screen had. Being perfectly flat it makes the screen appear like a giant flat screen plasma to me. Also a black border painted with black chalk board paint really absorbs any projection image over spill.