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I would second Steve's suggestion of studying a DIY masking solution. You could use Masonite, thin plywood, or even something like gatorboard. Paint it matte black or cover with velveteen or screen tape. The trick is coming up with a simple, and good looking mounting solution.

My one criticism, is the suggestion of painting directly to the wall. This makes the assumption you already have a flat and smooth wall surface. Most residential drywall work these days is pretty sub par, and walls are finished with a texture to hide imperfections in construction. Like others have suggested, painting some sort of sheet good may be a better solution. Of course that limits screen size or introduces seams on the surface.

I would also suggest using pre-engineered wood trims and moldings found at most home improvement stores for the frame. They usually come pre-primed and ready for paint, and they will be straighter and more dimensionally stable.