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Ok, here's my update: I've now used the paint recommended in this article to paint the area of my living room wall that I project onto. My living room walls are already white, but not as bright of a white as this Sherwin Williams paint. The difference in picture quality is impressive. The image is now noticeably brighter, the colors more saturated, the contrast appears to have improved, and the resolution even seems to have increased. I never would've thought that going from one white paint to another would make such a big difference, but my budget priced NEC NP115 is now producing an image that has me completely blown away! The article does not exaggerate, this paint really gives you a great looking image. The paint (one quart), roller, roller handle, and paint tray cost me a total of $42, and for that price I got a substantial improvement to what was an already good image. Thank you again for this valuable article!!!!