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I too have been looking at using paint as a Projection Screen and used a simple Bahr Paint from Home Depot that was just off-white (slightly low in color temperature). It worked fine but I had to run my Epson Power-Lite 6100 projector at 8000K. The room is slightly yellow so I painted this one entire wall this color and with the projector off all of the walls look the same color. There is no screen mask and the projector is in another room shining through glass so it looks like a regular living room when the TV is off. It was a compromise.

I started looking for alternatives: I called Screen Innovations and they would not sell me just a couple of rolls of Black Diamond, no matter how much I begged. My screen is 156" and their limit is something like 140" so I would need more than 1 piece.

I kept hearing about Bahr Silver Cinema color but putting that swath (and others) on my wall lowered brightness too much for me. Even at maximum (2000 Lumens) brightness my over-sized screen didn't look right. Contrast was slightly improved though. Ultra Pure White was brighter but showed VERY poor Contrast, especially in the day-time.

I was just about to pull the trigger on Screen Goo when I saw this article at Projector Central about a $100 painted screen. Since I don't have a framed mask, that's more like $50 to me.

This time around I didn't paint the whole wall. I just painted a 156" rectangle based upon the 17' projector throw. The Sherwin Williams Paint is just grey of white with a slightly blue (high color temp) to my eyes - I guess I don't know what the color white looks like. It has a 1.1 Gain. I had to drop my projector down to 6500K but WHOA! This thing looked great. It was brighter with more accurate colors and only a small loss in black level. I am going to have to recalibrate all of the projector's picture modes.

This was a big improvement and definitely worth the $50. I may still go to Screen Goo in the future. $300 is still much cheaper than $5000 and I have a feeling brightness and contrast will improve even more.

A stunner of an article! Highly recommended.

P.S. I was so eager to see what the picture looked like after the first coat I turned my projector on before the paint was dry and was horrified at the "starfield of speckles" I saw. I thought I was going to have to get a quart of Flat and go over it. About an hour and a half later it settled down, though. The second coat the next day went the same way.

Thanks PC.