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I've painted my screen about a dozen times trying to get the best results and have never been happy with a gloss level other than flat. The satin and gloss finishes looked pretty good at first, but for scenes that pan--such as a basketball game with camera moving from left to right--the imperfections in the paint will be highlighted. The image looks like the lens is dirty--the texture remains static while the image shifts with the pan.

The wall was carefully wet-sanded, I used a high-density foam roller, and even experimented with thinning the paint.

I think this problem is directly related to the brighness of the image. The brighter the image, the more glossy paints will show the imperfections. I'm using only a 82" image with a fairly bright projector, which makes the image too bright for glossy paint. The amount of ambient light is probably also related. I don't have exact numbers, but my thought is to stay with flat when the image brightness is over 25fc.

But I have to admit that after reading this article, I'm thinking of repainting again...