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RE: 3D Movie 1280x720@120hz Radeon HD 6870, optoma HD66 DLP Projector, 3dtv wired shutter glasses Anyone please help My config is : Radeon HD 6870, optoma HD66 DLP Projector, 3dtv wired shutter glasses with dongle, 3d half SBS mkv movies(eg Space Station 3D 1080p SBS x264-superstoreman.mkv)( i core2duo 2.2ghz, MB dg31pr, Mem 2Gb, win xp, Catalyst driver 11.2, stereoscopic player demo ver) I can watch 3d movies without any flaws in 800x600@120hz through vga cable. But there is no 1280x720@120hz to be selected. Only the highest config in 120hz is 1024x768, but stereoscopic player and shutter glass are not working together in this mode. ( I tried pulling DVI pins, overriding EDDID, + installing .inf files without success) This is how I have to watch my 3d half SBS movies in 720p@120hz through hdmi cable! 1. I have to attach an old crt monitor(VS 225pf) through vga cable > dongle > DVI – VGA adaptor > DVI-I socket in 6870 2. Optoma > HDMI 1.3 cable > HDMI socket in 6870 3. 3dtv wired shutter glasses > dongle 4. Now in windows > Catalyst Control Center> activate , enable crt, set extended desktop and set CRT as primary, 800x600@120hz. Set optoma 1280x720@120hz 5. Activate E-D.exe> pageflip> shutter glasses ON( now shutter glass will work at 120Hz) 6. Now I can start stereoscopic player & watch 3d movies ( sometimes I saw brown tinge . It may be due to slight lag/ ? refresh synchronization between CRT and optoma)

**Note that I don’t have to switch on crt for activating shutter glass, but all program will open in crt except full screen movie!it will open nicely in optoma!

Now could anyone advice me, how to bypass all this and watch 3D movies?