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Great article! I did a similar thing using a 5x7 sheet of 1/2" mdf (109" diag 16x9)and painted with Behr Silverscreen and so far it's worked great. For the frame I built up an MDF border, 3.5" wide 1.5" thick with an angle cut profile and wrapped with black velvet as an overscan killer. Looks just like Stewart screen w/o the price or lable.

To level the paint try using Flo-trol paint additive, works great. Slows the drying and really levels the surface.

I'm now going to paint the screen with the Sherwin-Williams ProClassic, Extra White, Satin, Smooth Enamel Finish, # B20 W 51 paint after reading this. I'm going to spray it becasue I have the equip and skills so why not. Love this site! Keep up the great work!!