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I learned a method from a painting pro for masking/painting two different colors adjacent to each other on walls (even textured walls) to obtain a perfectly razor sharp edge. I will attempt to explain it for painting a screen here. Read on... 1) Paint the wall color outside of the screen area. 2) Wait for it to be completely bone dry. To test, put some blue painter's tape on it and then pull it off. If there is any paint on the adhesive side of the tape, you haven't waited long enough. 3) Put painter's take to mask the screen area so the tape is outside the screen area. 4) Use the wall color paint to paint inside the screen area. Don't leave roller lines... make sure you feather it out when the roller starts to dry by feathering the paint, applying less pressure to the roller as you get further from the masking. 5) Let dry again. It should be bone dry. You don't want the new paint to dissolve the outer skin of the wall color and start to mix with the screen color. 6) Paint the screen color - as many coats as desired, letting it dry between coats 7) Remove the masking tape and viola! a razor sharp line.

The trick is in painting the wall color on the inside, some of the wall color will seep under the tape in an uneven manner. This is ok because it is the same color as the wall. However, it will seal the uneveness so that the screen color does not seep under the tape.

I haven't done a screen on a wall yet, but I have used this technique on highly textured walls and it works great. They should print this technique on the painter's tape.

Good luck.