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When i started looking at the prospect of getting a simple 3d system, i thought it would be easy. but it took a spread sheet and a few weeks to find a simple and cheap solution. this is what i came up with. 1: buy a 3d blu ray player: most stores still carry old stock and prices are still way to high, since i'm a laggard i decided on a ps3 with latest firmware for 3d and since it was also a media player and a game console it made good sense! (I suspect most will already have a ps3) 2: find a good projector, since mine was a vga Benq and i need a "3d Ready" projector, after looking at the cheaper models by acer and then realising that i would still need an optoma xl to play the 3d blu rays, i bought a simple LG BX327, it has 3200 ansi lumens and the specs seemed "ok" .. and the projector does 3 types of common 3d.. Side by Side - top to bottom and Frame sequential. and for the price it was a no brainer... I already have a Motorised Screen and good set of Mission Speakers all i needed was the cabling!!

3: Find a pair of DLP Link 3d glasses since I wasn't going the Nvidia Vision Route. 4: LG South Africa had none, Acer South Africa had none! found a pair of Optoma zd201 glasses for $110.

5: hooked everything up and it just worked from the minute i put it on... 6: The Optoma zd201 glasses needs a good amount of power. so keep many spare batteries!! its not rechargeable which is really crap.

this is what the entire setup cost me. ps3 with gran turismo 5 3d bundle with extra controller $550 lg projector $980 Screen 2nd hand $250 cabling hdmi 1.4 x 2 plus connectors 2 = $71

optoma zd201 x 2 = $212.5

total: $2063 you can get it cheaper i suppose, just not in South africa!!!! there are many other cheaper ways of getting 3d cinema into your home, but have a look at the lg bx327. 1: it does most of the 3d formats, it's bright and can be used as a media player via a usb drive, (although it says it can play mkv files, i just cant get that to work) and it can view pdf,excel,word documents with stereo speakers...(crappy little things but a nice touch)