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Dear Bill Thanks for the review, as always the info is very useful. Still I am undecided between the Optoma HD33 and the Epson 3010. I saw some pictures of both on another forum and the picture quality and detail in the Optoma seems better, but I am a bit inclined for the Epson for the Split screen function, longer warranty and for the price with the two pair of glasses. I wonder if a future firmware may improve the actual crosstalk in 3D on the Epson.

BTW, Bill I think you did not mentioned how the split screen feature worked on the review. To take care of the cabling I purchased a Vizio Universal WirelessHD kit (for less than $180) and it can be used either with the HD33 or the 3010. So I don't have to pay extra for the 3010e and loosing the pair of glasses.

I will wait a few more testimonials of end users for both projectors before choosing the one, since there is another issue I have to take care of: "ceiling mounting". Additional feedback may help me decide based on flexibility for installation. Which of the two is more friendly with the following setup? A 120 diagonal inches screen (4:3 ratio, 1.3 Gain), natural light is under control thanks to a few curtains and my ceiling is 9 feet tall. Sadly I have one of the ceiling lamps from the room in the exact path between the projector and the wall where the screen is, so in the past with my previous projector I had to use a 10 inch extension to lower the projector according it offset and avoid interference. How will this change with either the HD33 or the 3010.

My best regards to all!! Luis