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I can't wait for the Mitsubishi HC7800 3D projector review and how it stacks up with the Panasonic.

Here is what I'm looking for in a new projector:

1. Excellent 3D performance. 2. Excellent frame interpolation system. 3. Excellent Contrast, sharpness and shadow detail. 4. Enough brightness to handle enough ambient light to entertain, while keeping good contrast performance. 5. Excellent performance in a dark theater environment. 6. Quiet performance...can't be loud and distracting. 7. Long bulb life... 8. Physically good looking....don't like ugly projectors :)

Basically, I need versatile projector that performs well in a number of areas. I don't plan to upgrade again for at least 7 years. I still have my NEC HT1100 projector (old technology (1024x768 resolution)). But, it looks better than my 1080p 40 inch and 52 inch Samsung LCD/LED TVs, which is mind blowing... Maybe it appears to look better than my TVs because its calibrated and because the screen size has that WOW factor....or maybe it's the NEC Sweetvision technology!...don't know. The only reason I'm looking to upgrade my projector is because I can't play blueray movies on it. If I want to watch a good movie in the theater room I have to get standard definition movies. They look great, but I prefer to by 1080P movies. My projector is making buy standard definition movies. I'm happy to see newer movies packaged in both standard definition and blueray. I just need to upgrade!