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I need a projector under $2000 that will be mounted ~20' from the screen; screen size of ~ 16' wide x 10' tall (~226" diag); #1 priority = video gaming (golf simulator); also for home theatre; never had a projector so suffering from info overload

The walls & ceiling immediately surrounding the screen will be dark but there will usually be some ambient light from behind the projector

Given the distance I assume I need some serious brightness; given the video gaming I assume I need high refresh / input rates and good clarity / no shadowing/rainbows

3D is a nice add-on but don't want to sacrifice 2D quality to get it. 95% will be 2D viewing; ceiling mount issues seems OK for me with a 6" drop down

Does the 3010 sound like the best choice under $2k? also looking at the LG CF181D and BenQ W6000 (though worried about reliability)

Thanks for your input!