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as a painter it seems that low gloss is the gloss your looking for it between satin and semi gloss and has none of the glare of semi gloss. also i t occurs to me that the primers might give you what you want rather than a paint. something you may not have considered. a latex primer with flotroll paint additive will melt out the applicator texture. i like zinzer's bulls eye 123 latex interior /exterior primer. it would hold up just fine without a finish unlike many primers left unprotected. it will take tint if needed. As for spraying skill i can tell you that holding the sprayer further away from the wall is the key to eliminating sprayer lines. try to keep the mill rate even and add many thin coats that are wet enough not to leave that dry dust feel when touched. a little foetroll helps with this. or use a mohair rolled and yes more flotroll. also an oil paint like rustoleum with penetroll oil paint additive and a white foam roller will self level rather easily. its only high gloss so some 3x 3m sponge sanding and then a clear coat of more of just the oil conditioner followed by a super fine sponge sanding with 400 grit would give a perfectly flat and perfectly neutral gloss surface. a little i do mean a little tint might be helpful.