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3D (stereoscopic 3D) is what is it. Not exactly "a fad" but almost. It's exactly the same it's always been for (yes) almost 100 years and have been tried and "failed" over and over. Like it's been said, today is "better than ever" 'cos technology has progressed to the point that high resolution, nice brightness, etc is "free" and so are high frame rates, patterned retarders, interference filters, etc.

10% of the people just love 3D. Why? Who knows. They always have and they always will. They are fascinated and think it's the greatest thing since rap music.

Another 10% of the people just "hates 3D" (or can't properly see it due to visual medical issues) and think it's the worst and most torturous entertainment experience since jazz music :)

For the rest of the 80% general population, 3D is "cool" for a while, then the interest fades quickly and the drawbacks (a little ghosting? Wearing glasses? Darker picture? A little headache from accomodation breakdown?? Silver screen??? A little flicker??? etc) start to make it less and less attractive to the point the don't bother with it. The small advantage and "coolness" of 3D doesn't even outweight the small technical sacrifices in confort/quality of the image. It's a toss and most people don't care enough about 3D so 2D wins.

Today's "push for 3D" is what it is. An "upsale" to the higher end models and software which, of course, is "worth to have it" just in case you ever need it etc.

But for most people is NOT something they are (really) planning on using much, just something they don't wanna miss having if they are gonna sink $1000+ in a new a/v setup ...

And considering the way 3D is done today, both active and passive, is basically free to implement for manufacturers, so they should just put it in all their products and get it over with. The demand is not really there and if they try to charge too much of a premium the adoption rate will be even less. They need to start quickly going to 4K, large sizes, flexible/rollable displays and other paradigm shifts 'cos the old "thin flat panel" or "4.000 lumens 2 years/lamp HD 3D projector" is almost the same thing that has been sold for years now.

For me, my new projector is gonna have to be 4K and something like 10.000 lumens out of a laser/LED/Idontcare source as long as I don't have to replace or service the lamp module for 5-6 years (depending on the price) of heavy use. Until then, my 4.000 lumens 2D HD DLP projector and 55" LED 3D display will do fine, thanks.