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3D depends entirely on the content which is pretty iffy nowadays. I've been depending on Amazon reviews to figure out which 3D films to purchase and haven't been disappointed with that approach. Post-production 3D is basically a waste of time because at least with my Optoma HD 33, it's still a slightly disconcerting effect. However with natively filmed 3D movies, it's pretty impressive and intense. For casual viewing, it's overkill. I will say that one of the best movie experiences I had was watching the latest 3D Harold and Kumar while being slightly hammered. The film not only embraced 3D but lampooned it with over the top effects and it fit the mood perfectly.

I would say it's not for everyone. I have a 6.2 setup with twin DIY subwoofers so my setup is not for everyone either.

Lastly, the equipment requirements to handle 3D (new projector, new 3D bluray player and HDMI 1.4 receiver) are a HUGE barrier to entry for most folks.