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We have been installing home theaters for 20 years. I wonder what disabilities people have that they have difficulties with 3D. Our clients enjoy them as an added bonus to 2D viewing.

Glasses are very light weight, when preset setting are done correctly the light losses is not a problem. Cheat and poke up the lumens. I remember a quote by a lady that found movies to intense. Would rather read a book! Well thats one to add to the survey. Ok so to each his own but, every projector system we do is 3D.

Follow up with our clients is very very positive!

They don't watch 3D all the time but when a movie is filmed right and engineered properly they buy them and enjoy watching them.

A great Canadian once said, " poles are for Dogs. Its funny humor but, surveys are not alway accurate.

We love 3D and so do all our customers.