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3D is as it was before. I don't think that most people's attitudes have changed. By far, the majority are interested in it. Some are interested to the point where they just know they will buy a high end projector which includes 3D.

We still have a long list of people who talk about glasses free 3D - which is completely worthless at this point and nearly impossible until some form of holographic (true 3D!) display is developed. That may be 20 or more years away, if ever.

Some people don't get how it works. In fact, most people don't get in entirely. There are still projectors which don't support all 3D formats. The projector manufacturers absolutely SUCK at advertising 3D. Their version of adverting: "1080p, 3D!" - That tells consumers nothing. The projectors must ALL support top-bottom, side-by-side, frame-packed and all other current versions of 3D and must automatically recognize what is being sent. Some people think that special screens are required, which isn't the case for almost any 3D projector and certainly isn't the case for the cheap projectors. The cheaper (sub $5000) projectors use a standard projection screen unless someone specifically goes for a funky setup. Some also think they are paying 'more' for 3D. The reality is that 3D is free, and is just a feature of the processing chip of 120hz capable projectors. The cost to manufacturers is no more than a few dollars. Most of the real expense for 3D comes with the better imaging chips and optics which gives visual benefits across the board. A better 2D image AND it does 3D. Like cruise control on your car. You may never use it, but it is there and is included with the purchase of the car. Deal with it!

Most of all though, the attitudes are the same. Some people just don't want it. They don't go to theaters and watch 3D films, and won't. Why in the world would these people want a 3D projector? They wouldn't and they don't, and that is very unlikely to change for that group. Some people just want things to work, and they will patiently wait. The first few questions are tough as they are worded (IMO) poorly. 3D is not a must have feature if I lose performance or it costs a ton of extra money. I always review all aspects of projectors before I purchase... but 3D is a important part of that buying decision. If it adds minimal cost, or is 'free' with a really nice projector (like the JVCs, Epson, or Panny models), then absolutely, I will get that projector and the 3D is a nice addition.

3D will continue to occupy a niche market because there isn't a ton of content, and a lot less in the way of good content. It also isn't getting the advertising attention for television shows. Not sure if my cable box does 3D. It doesn't talk about it, there is no '3D' section in my guide. All the HD channels are together, but where are the 3D channels? Are there even any 3D channels? How do I even find out?

The LACK OF INFORMATION about 3D is incredibly destructive to the technology. 3D needs a properly standardized logo for 'FULL 3D' support, and all manufacturers and content creators need to get on board so consumers won't be as confused.