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Dear AV_Integrated comment on 3D.

Well I remember our first projector. I was a large suitcase and i think it had 150 lumens. Contrast was 400 and yet we were thrilled to have movies playing on a white cotton bed sheet. I also remember my first cell phone, and media player,computer etc. Disney created a dream and our industry does too. 3D is an adventure in technology, and it takes time.

We all are looking forward to no glasses and holographic 3d projection. In the mean time 3d Glasses are not bad for the fun of some great movies.

Why sale across the ocean if the world is flat. All technology has to start some where. If development stay in the lab of ever, who has the dollars in innovate? Release products and grow the technology.

Is this not what we all see with every new projector year?

Well off to watch a new release 3D super hero movie. its not perfect, but it all Fun!

Dreaming of what come next!