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I read all the comments and i realised every one here is making the same mistake resulting in the short life span of the bulb. Let me make this simple, you need to press on the power botton on the remote once, it will give you a prompt saying do you want to turn power off, you have to push on the power botton again if not so, you leave the projector in sleep mode with the bulb still on but but the fan off and not projecting nothing on the screen. After you push the botton twice, listen to the fan and make sure cooling off is over when the fan ceases. At this point,turn the power of from the plug. I have had mine for almost 3yrs and never changed a bulb. It doesnt matter what projector you buy, if you dont follow this procedure, as with TV'S also, your bulbs wont last.the warming up and cooling off is important and you need to calibrate the system to at least 6500k on living room and lower for the other settings.