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I projected a 120" image on my wall only after one coat of the SW ProClassic Interior Acrylic Latex (smooth enamel finish for trim & doors) Satin, Extra White B20 WQ 8051 (sold in Canada) and was just blown away by the quality of the picture! I am waiting for this coat dry and will add a 2nd coat later. The results are amazing! Real deep blacks, with vibrant colours and so much more POP in the image compare to my old daylite matt white screen. The key to this do it yourself screen is prep work, such as the wall wood studs are flush, install new drywall, smooth out the surface and mudding & sanding. I used 2 coats of primer with sanding after each coat of primer. My wall was so smooth only after one coat of the screen paint, I will not have to sand for the 2nd coat. The time spent so far has been about one week. Thanks for the great advice from Projector Central! This one is winner.