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Hey guys, I'd highly recommend this w1070. I got it on a whim in november and have been using it daily, with nearly 400 hours on it. I can't detect any RBE and although the projector is 4 feet above my head, it's not very loud. Sure, it could be quieter, but it's fine. Also, your listing should mention that the lamp life is 6000 hours with SmartEco, because that's a performance feature that doesn't make it dimmer all the time, it lowers + increases the lamp so quickly (unlike an iris) that you can't even detect it.

I got this one for 850$ and it's a real trooper, doesn't give up. I expect to get bored of it before I give up on it...oh I won't. I'm selling my plasma because this is now my primary monitor! There is no input lag and I'm a huge gamer (in fact I am a 3D programmer).

No bust blobs, not very loud, 6000 hours, very reliable...not a single return or issue in the 55+ pages so far on avsforum. very, very good sign. BenQ has a hit!