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The 2 projectors are in different leagues. The pany 8000 is about 2K more than the Benq 1070.

Benq is DLP----are you sensitive to RBE (rainbow effect?) If so then the Pany is the better bet.

The whole price vs performance thing is really a personal thing. Some are willing to give up some pic quality to save 2K some people aren't. Overall, the panasonic is a better projector and is more of a true "home theater projector". It won't be as bright as the BenQ but it will have better contrast, black levels, shadow details, saturation of color. Whether or not the difference is important to you....well, that's the 2000 dollar question.

Also the Pany is a LCD, and like most LCD projectors it has better placement flexibility than DLP. The pany has a much larger zoom, plus a lot of horizontal and vertical shift. The panasonic also has lens memory and digital zoom which would allow for a CIH (constant image height) setup utilizing a 2.35 ratio screen.

But DLP tends to be better at 3D, I have not seen any ghosting on my optoma gt750 which is DLP, and most others who watch 3D on a DLP projector say the ghosting. I like 3D a lot and I'd give up some placement flexibility and picture quality to enjoy ghost free 3D.

If you are willing to spend 3K on a projector, I'd suggest you also take a look at the epson 5020 along with the pany 8000. You might also find a good deal on a pany 7000. Just make sure to check the calculator as I think this benq has a fairly short throw which will not allow for placement at the rear of the room.