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Hello Gang. I am in Australia. I made a 2.35:1 constant height screen from MDF and initially painted it with a flat Acrylic Water Base white from Dulux. It gave me good results with my Panasonic PT-AE4000 and Sony Blu-Ray player. After reading this article I purchased a Haymes Paint Oil Based Enamel Satin. Big mistake! Satin in the US may be suitable but in Australia it is no good, essentially being a Semi-Gloss and way too reflective. I repainted it with two coats of Haymes Paint base white flat Enamel (also oil based). The results were excellent. No hot spots. Image brightness was consistent across the screen from all angles out to 45 degrees and colour rendition was great, watching The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey last night. Masking is a flat black paint and I hinged the masking at each end using 3mm MDF timber. To go to Cinemascope they open up like doors, much easier than trying to use curtain masking. Having accurate masking in 16:9 and 2.35:1 ratios to sharpen the edges makes the viewing even better. So the massage is, if you're in Australia, don't use Satin unless you want hot spots from the projection lamp. Just make sure that the paint is a base white with no colour cast.