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Well after two long years of doing a whole remodel including a high end "man's cave" we finally got the project on line. I did this "$100 screen" and I will tell you here what I learned and what I think... First anyone that thinks they NEED to spend $2500.+ on a screen to watch movies needs to rethink their priorities and goals, this is ALL you really need...

My entire project involved "level 5" walls and ceiling on every square inch of it which is what I wanted and I love it. My screen wall was done with shims and 5/8" wall board to ensure the flattest most stable wall I could make and it was worth the effort. I used Behr primer since I find it to be far superior than other brands especially "Kilz" which is junk (by the way I'm a builder and use lots of products, so feel qualified to say so" I will say also that Sherwin Williams is far over priced and you can just wait for a sale to buy yours (usually 40% off) gallons are $75 or so at retail. Sherwin Williams also makes more than one "Pro Classic" and yes it matters one is Latex and one is Acrylic (use the Acrylic) it paints out wetter and isn't as hard to use, it also leaves a better finish.

I used the Latex the first time and got a dry line going which I ended up chasing and unable to fix by recoating (this is why I say to use the Acrylic) Sherwin Williams "replace for free" that gallon of Latex with the Acrylic and it's so so much better. I used a 6" super fine no nap roller and 4 coats on the initial run, than after discovery of the problem lightly sanded the problem and recoated the whole thing again which made a fantastic screen of 10' horizontal. So my thoughts of this screen is I wouldn't do anything different than what I did, I think it's as good as anyone could ever want, I'm using a new Panasonic PT AR100 and I'm happy with it it's plenty white and bright enough but would certainly consider a better one if I had money to burn like a higher end Epson. Two thumbs up to Projector Central for doing this challenge and writing this article!!!