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Hi folks,

I'd like to apologize for the lack of comments from me on this article. We've been having a very busy time here at Projector Central and sometimes my commenting duties get away from me. I appreciate your patience.

Now, here is a response to every comment on the article, in order.

wanab: As we didn't have the Epson 3020 or Optoma HD33 in house, it's impossible to say. Fan noise is comparable to other home video projectors and we didn't feel there was a significant enough difference to merit a comment.

davidm: I will try to highlight fan noise more often.

Josh Anderson: our review of the W1080ST is now available from the homepage. I hope that answers your question. :)

Keith: Yes, the W1070 will be a significant upgrade over the Sanyo Z5.

Todd: The PE7700 was known for its reliability problems. To our knowledge, BenQ has not had any reliability problems with other models since the PE7700, but due to the short-term nature of our testing (we seldom have any projector for longer than a month) it's impossible for us to say with any kind of first-hand knowledge.

Rob: We agree. It's a great projector.

steve: I'm glad you like it!

GOPAL AGRAWAL Indore: LCD panels do not degrade nearly as often or as severely as you seem to claim. While low-cost business LCD models did have degradation problems in the past due to organic phosphors in the panels, they have been reformulated. You also don't mention that color wheel motors tend to go out much more frequently than the color wheel itself tends to fade, and color wheel maintenance is a common reason for a DLP projector requiring service.

RLBURNSIDE: SmartEco does not always make the lamp life 6,000 hours. It makes the lamp life "up to" 6,000 hours, but only if it is set to the lowest brightness setting. It is a sliding scale.

Anuj: Favorably.

paul: Sanyo's dust blower ports were a neat feature, weren't they? Then again, better sealing means most new LCD projectors don't require them anymore.

Vishal: The W1070 and Panasonic AE8000 aren't even in the same league. Get the AE8000 if you can afford it.

Ryan: You're right; I haven't seen an HC4000 in so long, I'd be uncomfortable offering a comparison.

Swerve: That is correct. You need a projector with a longer zoom lens. Several models offer a 2:1 zoom; you should look into those. They do cost more, though.

Michael: Sharpness should always be set to 0 unless you can tell that the projector is artificially reducing sharpness (this is not common). Color temperature should be adjusted based on our calibrations (okay) or using a meter (better). Noise reduction can usually be left off unless you have a particularly noisy source.

kyle: I watch mostly 2D, but the W1070 is very strong as a "just 2D" projector. I'd still recommend it.

will: That is one advantage of DLP Link -- there tends to be very little crosstalk, if any.

Eric: The W1070 is a massive improvement over the SP4805.

Paul: Have you tried a Blu-ray player? How are you connecting the projector and computer? If you want to go in-depth about this, please drop a note in our Comments mailbox where I can spend more time with it.

Reuben: My sentiments exactly.

Sprocket: I did not recommend it for photography due to its black level. However, if this is all you can afford, it's going to be hard to find something better. I'd say in your situation it would be an acceptable choice, especially since it has relatively good color compared to its immediate competition.

Hayati: All I can say is that our two projectors might have different firmware, which would account for the different numbers. Our settings were made in Eco mode (not SmartEco) and with BrilliantColor turned on.

Rosie: To quote The Dude, "Well that's just, like, your opinion, man."

Tom S.: BrilliantColor doesn't determine what kind of color wheel a projector has. The W1070 has an RGBRGB wheel.

Ted Nunn: I hope my comment above is sufficient.

sukumar: The factory presets are locked and you need an ISF password to access the ISF menu. I know how annoying that can be on such an inexpensive projector, but there are some settings in the ISF menu that could seriously harm image quality so BenQ keeps them locked to professionals only.

AKASH AGARWAL 9766046179: Okay?

Gave: 3D works over HDMI from Blu-ray on the W1070. There is a difference between "3D Ready" and "HDMI 1.4 3D" or "Full HD 3D." The MX750 is the former. The W1070 is the latter. We wrote an article about the difference, if you'd like more information. You can find it in the Commentary section, titled "What does 3D Ready mean?"
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