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I just finished my basement and used this process for my screen. It works great!I have an Optoma hd25 and it's crystal clear on this painted screen.

My only comments are these, First mount and adjust your projector to find where and what you want to paint. That's the great thing about painting, you don't have to worry about buying a screen when you can paint the exact size you want, i.e. if your wall size fits a 107" best, then paint it that size.

Second sand your walls as smooth as you can, if painting over an already painted wall as in my situation. I even had to put a bit of putty in a few holes I found, or filled in an uneven section of the drywall. With a bit of diligence with prep work the wall will turn out great.

My third point, is customization of the trim for the screen. I did not use the articles method. From a local hardware store I found 1 1/4" molding, black spray paint, and Velcro squares (yes Velcro squares about 3/4" in size). I painted the the molding in full length, then cut the molding the correct length for top/bottom and sides of screen. I did not miter the joints as I'm not that good at cutting free hand, so I simply squared off the ends. I then made little squares from some extra lath I had laying around and used those in the corners and butted the top/bottom and sides to those like they did in older homes. With the Velcro I put one on every 10" to 11" of the top/bottom and sides, and then attached the entire molding piece plus both sides of the Velcro to the wall. This way nothing is screwed into the wall and it comes of easy. I needed this option because my kids play in my basement and could easily rip any thing off the walls accidentally. This way if they do, it should only be a bottom or side piece and will Velcro right back on the wall! Good painting!