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as an engineer, I constantly read available info on most of my online purchases. Our home was still under construction at the beginning of 2009. I hired a professional media tech too pre wire the home for complete sound and he wired the media room for Dolby 7.1 before there was media for Dolby 7.1. We waited until May of 2013 to install the the speakers and tuners for the different floors. He installed Denon tuner and Tannoy speakers. The tuner was not available on Amazon until March 13, 2013. We are very thankful that we waited for the equipment availability before install. I researched the projector extensively. I contacted visual Apex and the salesperson I spoke with was also an engineer. the media tech installed a Sonos playbar for the living room. We purchased a solid projector screen (120") with a 1.1 gain from Visual Apex. I run the projector in Eco mode and am more than impressed with the picture. My personal visual acuity, I believe, is such that the Epson 8700ub is as good as I can see. I think that next generation projectors from Epson should logically be better than their predecessor's.