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I am a trade painter, what i did was set my projector to a 16:9 format, either 1080p or 720p. and masked around a white fullscreen background from my pc. from there, i got a flat white "Water Based Enamel" harder wearing and can be wiped clean from marks and food thrown by kits etc. the trick I did. was make them MAX out the white pigment in the paint. even though i ordered "Painters white" factory white un tinted color. i got them to double a formula of "painters white" making them add more white pigment "titanium dioxide" to the paint. making it look like CHALK after your 2nd coat.

I have just finished that and am now masking up the inside edge of the white screen and now using the same paint "acrylic enamel - flat" but ULTRA DEEP BASE and BLACK. i will paint this all around the white screen 2 coats.

I highly recommend getting paint stores to PUMP up the white forumlas with more white pigment, cheap paint they save on costs by reducing the ammount of titanium dioxide in the paint. im pretty sure thats what it is.. might be wrong. but having a CHALK looking dead flat projector wall looks MINT!