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Finished the screen yesterday and watched football last night. All I can is WOW! The screen looks amazing! This website was very helpful, I thought I would share my experience to help others who are considering this approach.

I bought a BenQ W1080ST a few weeks ago. I’ve been watching TV and movies against the painted wall and it looked good. After reading this article, I went to Sherwin Williams and purchased 1 quart of multi-purpose primer and 1 quart of ProClassic® Interior Acrylic Latex Enamel (B20W1151). FYI, there is a coupon on their website for $10 off if you spend $50.

Fixed some spots with drywall repair mud and let it dry. I sanded the repairs and put on the first coat of primer. After the primer dried, I saw a lot more imperfections in the wall including a seam in between the sheets of drywall. Patched over the seam, fixed all the issues I could. Let it dry overnight then I sanded the fixes and wiped down the wall. Painted second primer coat (not sure I needed two coats of primer but figured it couldn’t hurt.) After 4 hours, I applied the first latex coat. For that coat, I found this site for painting techniques "" about halfway down the page under the “Flat Paint Rolling Tips” there is a link to a video that shows how to apply the paint. I used the 2 roller technique, the regular 9” to put the paint on the wall and the 6” roller to smooth it out. After the first coat, I watched the movie “42” that night. Was very impressed but there were some areas where the wall was brighter with what looked like little holes, think moon surface. I put the rollers in the fridge overnight to keep them wet. The next day I painted the second coat. A couple hours after finishing, I started watching football. It looked terrible. Not very clear, colors saturated. I was worried but patience is the key. By the time the night game came on (after 4-5 hours), the paint dried and it looked great. I was blown away at the depth of color, the pop of the screen, etc. I checked movies and 3D too. They look even better. If you are reading this, I know there are a lot of comments in this thread and it gets distracting. I just want to say the solution spelled out in this article just works. I spent less than $50 on paint and I am very happy with the results. Do it! It takes a some effort but it’s definitely worth it.