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Well, I couldn't wait around for a reply to our questions, so I ordered the W1500 for $1,500 including two pair of glasses, which for Canada I thought was a pretty good deal. They have a great return policy so if it isn't any better then back it goes. What'll be interesting is to see how it fairs against my Benq PE8700 which is only 720p(with the original Mustang HD chip - shortly after my theatre was completed a new and improved chip came out in the same model). Back in '03 or so I paid a lot more than what I did for the new one, but kind of par for the course with TVs and projectors! I have a Chief mount in my ceiling which I'm not about to change, but they don't have a mounting plate for the W1500 to mate to their RPA, so I took down my old Benq to pattern one. First thing I can tell you is that there is quite a weight difference between the PE8700 and the W1500! I hope that isn't a bad sign of the quality of the new unit. When I get my plate made I'll get it up and test it out. I'm not a gamer so the lag issues really are a non issue for me, so based on the reviews I THINK I should be pleased...but time will tell.