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I have an Epson 3D 3010 non wireless one, better faster with direct cable. Have had a couple years so far, cannot seem to stream 3d movies for the active shutter glasses, however you can stream regular old 3d movies from the old days and works great, but streaming for side to side or top to bottom, nothing out there to stream for these to supported formats on the epson or on bluray. You can get basic active shutter glasses use with 3d bluray movies, but no streaming. Also after 15 months the projector started to project an uneven screen so something wrong there also after 2000 hours use the bulb really has dimmed in brightness a lot as it should go to about 4000 to 5000 hours before needing to be replaced. Okay picture, wish had lens shift and focus ability from control. The mute buttom has never worked since receiving not sure what thats about. Would forget the 3d unless I want it for games but have never tried it for this. Would put the money into a DLP projector or LED when they are improved in the future.